Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the beginning...

I could have gone ahead and started a political blog. Perhaps covered my favorite sports teams or fashion trends. Done a daily update of who's crotch was out when they left their sports car/limo/SUV. A tactful "who's in rehab today" blog, maybe.

Instead I opted to appeal to a wider audience. A mass market. Something that everyone cares about, and flocks to on a daily basis.

The nature-run-amok genre.

That's correct.

Animals and insects have been throwing down the gauntlet on humans for decades. Rarely it's a championed piece, often it's media that slides into the unknown oblivion of the Nature-run-amok genre.


Well, probably still...

But that's what this is all about.

Animals and insects attacking, large and small.
Angry or engineered.
In great numbers or a lone threat.
Books or movies, you'll find it here.


You're already excited.

1 comment:

beedubelhue said...

Can't wait to see your work,on an under-appreciated subgenre of art that deserves recognition!Suzanne Somers covered in ants!Leslie Nielsen rendered insane by ozone depletion tackling a grizzly bear!Bring it on!!!

Yours Cruelly,